A New Comment, A New Social Contract – One With A $20,000 Signing Bonus…

A copy of a comment I just made on The Globe And Mail, and copied to LinkedIn…

Joseph Furtenbacher

10:33 AM on April 20, 2013

Hmm… a copy of a comment I made this morning on the Washington Post and copied to Facebook (where it showed up with the somewhat mystifying conversion of ‘justice tempered with mercy…’ to ‘justice…’)…

JoeFurtenbacher wrote:

7:39 AM EDT

Well, I thought I could let it go, but no, ethically, I realized I had to try one last time, it having become obvious to me that if I didn’t, the pipeline would surely be approved, and I would face years of being forced to put the boots to you all – to the opponents for trying to play me, and to the President for having assumed that he could pretend to be more intelligent and ethical than me and get away with it.

As well, having reduced my policy prescriptions for reducing both poverty and environmental destruction to three that I believe are both necessary and sufficient, I thought I’d set them out, and let any psychologist/sociologist/economists explain to me, or to anyone, for that matter, why exactly they wouldn’t be. So,

1. Levy a stiff carbon tax, on both domestic sources and imports from countries that don’t ratify similar social contracts; stiff enough so that the fossil-fueled luxuries of the rich (roughly speaking, people who make more than the median per capita income) are reduced more than the fossil-fueled necessities of the poor are increased;

2. Implement wage and price controls; three percent per annum (including on financial transactions) seems more than generous to me;

3. Deposit $20,000 in the bank account (if they don’t have one, get them one) of anyone who’s willing to contract to work a maximum of 1,000 hours a year, if necessary (with the necessity to be decided by a majority of the contractees) to counter a deemed shortage of necessities, which I would define (to go on with) as: clean air, water, and energy, nourishing food, adequate clothing, shelter, health care, education, justice tempered with mercy…

Feel free to discuss, but I should warn you, I won’t be waiting on your decisions. Been there, done that, learned a lot since…


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