Hmm… a comment I made below (at http://www.alternet.org/comments/activism/mass-social-transformation-movement-inevitable-be-prepared#disqus_thread ) that seemed to disappear a while later, but now appears to be back, and so was probably just me not checking far enough downthread. As they say, Oops…

Moszep10 hours ago

It really comes down to human nature; most people are easily distracted, bought or led. We are trained to comply and conform. Even people who think they are rebels are buying into a manufactured distraction. Very few people are awake or conscious of reality.

Revolutions are seldom ever instituted or executed by the majority. The Nazis seized power and they were not the majority. The Bolsheviks, which literally means majority, were actually not the majority. They took the moniker from a single vote in which they were the majority, even though they were the Mensheviks, literally minority, on many other votes. It later became used by Trotsky do differentiate between Lenin’s views from Stalinism. Mao never represented the majority, etc… The US Revolution can be framed as a small group of wealthy landowners not wanting to pay taxes. Did they represent the majority?

Once power is achieved, the goal becomes maintaining the organization and power. This is concept is highlighted in the Iron Law of Oligarchies.

Power is often in the hands of a small group willing to use violence to intimidate, that in turn instills obedience in the rest of the populace.

Someone post something positive…

  • JosephFurtenbacher Moszepan hour ago

    Okay. There’s no need for any violence at all if you can sign up, eventually, sixty-five million or so voters who would not be averse to an extra twenty grand a year for life, in return for possible labor somewhere down the road, and a ‘pledge’ to shop responsibly in the meantime, by authorizing, at the same time their no-uncertain-terms representatives take control of the printing press, stiff taxes on carbon, to protect the natural environment from us all, and greed (in the form of wage and price controls), to protect the people’s new bigger slices of the larger, more sustainable pie from the Mitts, er, mitts, of the severely envious, ‘hard-working’ rich…

    You just have to get over that old canard (I wish I could believe that most of you, in your heart of hearts don’t still accept it) that those who are unwilling to work to produce others’ luxuries shall not be allowed to consume any necessities (or, to reflect our modern systems of production more accurately, shop for them).

    And, for anyone who can bring themselves to acknowledge that perhaps someone else knows more than they do, while caring just as much, I’ve even reduced my offer to an acronym – GSI (for Guaranteed Sustainable Income) – that’s small enough to fit on a button or sign, yet large enough (potentially) to strike fear into the hearts of the current printing-press dogs-in-the-manger…

    Sigh. Positive enough? I wouldn’t have replied if I didn’t think you were more intelligent and ethical than most of the people I’ve read (or read about) online…

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