Judgement Day

Still stopping by? Make yourselves at home; I won’t be back. As the following note to Tom Engelhardt, sent upon the occasion of Bill McKibben’s latest paean to well-paid mediocrity, makes plain, I find the stench of big money and its disingenuous sycophants that pervades everything I read on the Net to be somewhat… offputting. Truthfully, I’d as lief try to save a pack of rabid dogs, as what humans have become: too sick in the head to realize how sick in the head they are…

Sorry, Tom, but if I don’t hear back from you (and I have every reason to believe that I won’t), I’m afraid I’ll have to unsubscribe (if it’s any consolation, you won’t be the last). This last article by Bill has made it crystal clear to me that neither you, nor anyone else, will ever mention either my name or my ideas to any third person, and, therefore, that I’ve wasted the last twenty years of my life. And truthfully, that’s really not anything that I need to be reminded of.

And I must say, it doesn’t help any that you all continue to act as though reversing several billion years of maximizing benefits and minimizing costs (reproductive imperatives that are now on steroids due to the widespread adoption of fossil fuels) is as easy as strolls, er, protests in the parks; protests, moreover, that somehow seem never to include more than some small fraction of one percent of the populace. Ever considered the possibility that maybe you’re all a bit too close to the thousands of activists in your own respective entourages to properly see the billions of rich (or wanna-be rich) carbon addicts who protest nothing, but who would undoubtedly fight you tooth and nail (yep, up to and including violence) if it started to look too much like you might win?

Ah well, don’t let me discourage you; continue to ‘fight’ the ‘good’ ‘fight’. I’m sure that no matter what, your efforts will pay off – even if you fail in all your present attempts to save the larger part of humanity from the policies of their deal – er, leaders, it seems to me that when enough of the reserve army has been killed off, or even just allowed to die, there’ll be pay raises all around, and not half as much need to worry about those pesky carbon footprints – you guys can all jet around Hell’s Half-Acre even more than you do now, and – an added bonus for people who, as far as I can see, have acted in nothing but bad faith since they first heard my name – it’ll be even more like Hell than ever, both in the terrain below, and in the company along for the ride.

As for me, it occurs to me that I’m long overdue to start burning the many one-way ‘bridges’ that, with no reasons ever offered for their unidirectionality (not that I actually need any), have been denied me, though unlike you lordly non-leaders on the other side (who are, apparently, entirely in agreement on at least one thing: that none of you need ever sully your hands (let alone your ‘authority’ (read: name recognition)) by getting down-and-dirty amongst the nonentities like me who populate the message boards), I’ve done pretty much nothing else but try to help as many individuals (both human and nonhuman), as much as possible.

No more. When this reply, still unanswered, goes up on my WordPress blog a few days from now, I’ll be done, and, I consider, well out of it. The fact that no one who’s read me online has any use for an extra twenty thousand dollars a year for life, nor even knows anyone who does, tells me more than I ever wanted to know about you all. Do any of you have a single harsh word to say about the treatment of the GLOBAL 99% by the GLOBAL 1%? I think not…


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2 Responses to Judgement Day

  1. Sigh. Dang ethics… I sometimes think they’ll be the LIFE of me…

    From: http://www.alternet.org/comments/environment/meet-churchgoers-helping-lead-uprising-against-big-oil-texas#disqus_thread


    3 days ago

    Gosh! Too bad every ‘progressive’ in North America (except me, of course!) suffers from TSTS-TBTC (Too Small To Succeed – Too Big To Care) Syndrome, unlike in Switzerland, where, I understand, I already have a hundred thousand (partial…) followers on board the GSI (Guaranteed Sustainable Income) Express…



    Ah, well; don’t let me distract you. Back to your fiddling – er, demonstrating (how much more intelligent and ethical you all are than everyone else), while the biosphere burns…

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